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Help Prevent Consumer Fraud

How did they get your email address?

Exactly the same way all spammers get your email address. Spammers "harvest" email addresses mentioned on web sites. Others run "dictionary attacks": programs which query mail servers if they have an address AAA100, AAA101, AAA102, etc. That's why you get tons of unsolicited commercial email even if you've kept your email address a secret. And spammers sell each other CD's with millions of addresses.

Nigerian Scam Letters are sent out by the thousands every day by email, a few by snail mail or fax. The standard return on investment for a mail campaign is 1% -2%, with 2% being considered very successful. Considering that 419'ers send out thousands of letters per day, a 1% return is pretty good. That means that for every 1,000 letters sent out, at least 10 will get replies.

On the average, the victim will be asked to contribute $2,500. to start, or maybe even $10,000. depending on the amount of money involved.

The increments continue to increase until the victim is out of funds.

How To Protect Yourself Against Spam Messages
Identity Theft: How to do right away

Scambaiting´s World:   "We Will Make a Difference!"

has been designed by Global Fellow Scambaiters as an informational site that will help Consumers and Businesses alike in the prevention of fraud.

Fraud is one of the fastest growing Industries in the World.

Organized Crime is taking advantage of our Global Economies in ways that we had never considered. When technology grew in North America and around the World so too did the level of fraud, costing billions annually.

It is hoped that by helping the average Consumer and Business arm themselves with some fraud prevention knowledge, it will make a difference.
Most Fraud Offences are entirely preventable; be aware and eliminate the trust and greed factor.

If you have any comments or wish to forward additional sites that are beneficial in the fraud, please send your report on our forum or contact us:

Disclaimer Fraudulent Misuse of our Web Site and Forum Organization Name.

We have learned that Neil Crawford (alias Thomas Hargraves, Vincent Price, Nedkelly, Lady Tramp, Aussie Boomer and more…), he has hijacked the name of our organization “Global Scambaiting Organization” and sets up online his own forum, see his new forum on-line with our organization name:


He is sending mass, unsolicited email/message communications under our domain name. He is not associated with us. Those activities are fraudulent and have not been authorized or approved by our organization. We do not conduct, and do not condone, any mass email solicitations. We have contacted police officials and are making every effort to have the fraudulent web sites shut down.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused to you, and urge you to disregard any such email/message solicitations that may be transmitted to you under the name of Global Scambaiting Organization.
Further information about him you can find here: Cat Kelly´s diary




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