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Victimīs Story!

by a genuine victim


My True Story!     It began in April 2004 .....

I received an email with the words 'CONFIDENTIAL' in the subject field.
The sender claimed to be a bank manager of Hang Seng Bank in Hong kong, China. His name is "Wang Qin", 54 years old. Referring to the e-mail, he informed me about the funds approx. $20.500.000,00,- (Twenty million and five hundred tausend US dollars) deposited in an account at Hang Seng Bank. The customer named General ....... . His customer had been killed in Iraq with his family in a bomb blast in 2003. The manager was seeking for his customerīs next of kin named XXXXX, who is the official fundīs beneficiary, due to a testament he had left by opening account with Hang Seng Bank. The Bank manager informed me to take in touch with:

"The Royal Oxford Bank",
413 Bury New Road,
Salford - Isle of Man,
Tel: +44(0) 870 446 0540
Fax: +44(0) 870 199 1635
Web site:

Bank Director: Mr Daniel Coker
Private address: 361 High Road
E105 Na Leyton - London, UK
Mobile phone: +44 - 774 86 58 600

for further information to receive the funds through a telegram funds transaction.

Edit:   The Royal Oxford Bank was a fake bank, but I did not know at that time. Public Warnings of Financial Supervision Commission in UK on 15th June 2004.

The following documents had been sent to me by e-mails:

"The famous case of Mr Wang Qin"

In order to release the money, I have to open an account at "The Royal Oxford Bank" and follow their bankīs instructions.

Edit:   I have revealed later that Mr Wang Qin was only a "scam worker" at the lowest level, it called "1st level"  (see: Help Prevent Customers Fraud).

It is the job of the "format level" to send out scam letters and "catch" the replies from anyone who falls for the scam and responds. Often they will reply to the victim's first email as a way to gather more information. Part of their job is to try to find out whether a victim is potentially a high payer or a low payer. These low-ranking scammers usually pretend to be Barristers so as to appear trustworthy. They use fictional aliases like "Martins" or "Williams" or "Smith". Email accounts that the scammers refer to as "catchers" are opened as a collection point for replies to scams... operating much like fishing nets.

The following emails had been sent to me from The Royal Oxford Bank by fax:

The Royal Oxford
413 Bury New Road
Salford, Isle of man
IM5  4ED
Tel: +44 (0) 870 446 0540
Fax: +44 (0) 870 199 1635

13th May 2004
Dear Madam,

The bank draft has gotten to our bank from Hong Kong and we are ready to send it out to the International Clearance House for clearing.
The reason why we are contacting you is because you need an account in your name for the money to be paid into when it is sent back to the bank.

If you donīt open an account early enough we will have to send the draft back to Hong Kong because we canīt sent it out and get stuck when its been cleared.
Please contact us and letting us know what to do.
Thank you.

Customer Service
The Royal Oxford

Edit:   I refused opening an account with The Royal Oxford Bank, due to the "Customer Due Diligence" and the opening balance payment amount of $10.000,00 to "activate" that account.
That was the 2nd level, itīs called "Bank Level".

Five days later I received a second fax of The Royal Oxford Bank:

The Royal Oxford
413 Bury New Road
Salford, Isle of man
IM5  4ED
Tel: +44 (0) 870 446 0540
Fax: +44 (0) 870 199 1635

17th May 2004
Dear Madam,

The money you have been asked to pay is not a fee or charge, itīs the opening balance for your account.
The money from the draft cannot be used to open an account for you because itīs not been cleared yet.
Because of the regulations associated with draft clearance, the draft has been sent to Indepent Finance Limited for them to assist with the clearance. You will be invited by them to come down to London for some fofficial proceeds. Even if you open an account with us now you still have to work with Independence Financial Institution to clear the draft.

Accounts Department
The Royal Oxford

Edit:   Now they passed me to the 3rd level: called "Security Company or Finance Company".  (see: Help Prevent Customers Fraud).

The 3rd level security companies usually operate from London, Amsterdam, Madrid or Toronto. Their job is to convince the victim to travel to a foreign country to "take delivery of the consignment". The reason it must be a foreign country is to complicate the jurisdictional issues relating to police forces, and to disorient the victim by taking him out of his native environment. Typically, the victim will have travelled to the foreign country for only a few days or a week. This reduces the amount of time they have to search for the fraudster if they should ever wake up to what is really happening.

Below was the faxe documents of Independent Finance Ltd. in London - UK:

Edit:  Director of Independent Finance Ltd.
Name:  Bernard, John
Address;  33, Catherina Place Victoria Park, London  SW1.
Tel: +44 -774 865 8600
Fax: +44 -207 060 1242
Since 2005 he was active in GHANA, South Nigeria.
He is a very sophisticated Nigerian scammer with 8 years experienced in fraudulence.

Edit:   WU-Money Order had been sent to this man for some charges.
Name: Carving, Thomas P
British citizen, Northhampton, UK.
ID-No: 021405058
Address: 71 Cantwellroad, Pumbstead, SE18  3LL, UK.
Mobile: +44 7979213343

Edit:   An appointment had been arranged to meet a Finance Security "Boss" in Amsterdam.
Director: Adams, Peter
Carribean citizen, belonged to the "Chairman level"
Company name: Intercontinental Security & Finance
Address: QAS NederlandOverschiedstraat,
184-F 1062 XK Amsterdam - Netherlands.
Mobile: +61 612 6453
His accomplice: Johaan Van Dijk
Mobile: +61 617 594 097

I lost all contact with them since November 2004 after paying €23.000,00 for all kind of charges to release the funds.
That was the tragic mistake I ever made in my life. The matter is still under investigation.
I welcome all support of global fellow scambaiters could help to nab those criminal scammers.
Contact: Webmaster

To all Fraud Victims:  If you are interested in joining to the fight against these evil criminals. Please feel free to contact us on the .....

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